BM3 can produce photographic quality visuals which assist in effectively communicating design ideas. This can help our clients, the local communities and planners we work with to better understand the appearance of the buildings and places we design. We produce both 2D illustrations and 3D photo-realistic images for a multitude of different projects throughout the practice including interiors, individual homes, rural developments and urban regeneration.

We can also create 3D floor plans long before a development is complete to provide the end-user with a better understanding of the space and form. This allows greater time for our clients to advertise and raise awareness of their developments.

Our innovative team is always aiming to achieve more for each client, working together to ensure the best approach is carried out for each and every scheme. When creating the images, communicating ideas clearly is key to enabling our clients to secure development funding, planning permissions and carry out meaningful stakeholder engagement.

Services include:

  • Exterior Architectural CGI
  • Interior Architectural CGI
  • 3D Floor Plans / Sections
  • Street Scenes
  • Marketing Brochures / Branding
  • Aerial Photographic Surveys

Leicester Waterside Masterplan

Coronation Square, London – Regeneration

London Road, Shrewsbury – Affordable Housing

Cambridge Street, Wolverhampton – PRS

Millbrook Park, London

Ilke Homes – Modular Housing